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HR Value for Business -

Trusted and professional partner, who aims not only to present or introduce you with HR value factors but also implement them in practice. We will create value by helping you to achieve business goals.

Your success = our success.

We believe that our practical experience helps employees and organizations to improve, contributes to the growth and progress.


Jolita Lauciuvienė

Consultant with an expertise in the modern human resource management. Experience gained in international companies and educational institutions currently applied in practice by implementing human resource solutions in Lithuanian and foreign capital companies.

Jolita is a specialist of the organizational culture, business efficiency, change management, employee evaluation, development, career, compensation and performance management. In addition, she is an expert of identifying, evaluating and developing competencies using Lominger's methodology (Leadership Architect 101 certificate). Jolita develops and mentors growing human resource specialists and functional leaders.

We are for those who are RESULT-ORIENTED

For those who value PROFESSIONALISM and QUALITY

Who are TRUST-SENSITIVE and understands the importance of personal, business and customer REPUTATION



Compensation system and motivation

How to attract and retain competent employees? How to manage employees' financial and motivational expectations and ensure their involvement? Creating the right compensation and motivational system, that is customized to your organization, not only ensures employee attraction, retention, expectation management but also strengthen the basis of your business activity.


We will help you to identify the most important competences for your company and if needed we will create competences system. We will recommend the best methods for identifying development needs and the right training tools.

External HR manager

You don't have HR function in the organization or it lacks competence to ensure professional human resource management? Experienced, highly competent external human resource manager will help to take the necessary steps and achieve your goals.

Organisational culture

We will help you to better understand basic elements of the organisational culture and will make them to create specific value i.e. your organization‘s goals would be achieved. We will prepare, implement or improve main human resource management processes in a way to form and strengthen organisational culture, making it a particular behaviour of employees and managers.

Mentoring - practical development

You have the right employees and managers but they lack of professional or leadership experience - we will consult them on their everyday questions and develop by sharing practical knowledge. By giving constant feedback we will ensure the successful result.

HR management audit

If you want to know what actions would help your organization to improve, achieve better results and increase employees' motivation - let us let us carry out necessary analysis of current situation. We will give you our recommendations and action plan.



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